Published - Ethan Rogati

Orion and Meteor

This shot was taken on February 23rd of 2014. I had my camera running automatically, taking a series of 15 second exposures of the constellation Orion. In the series, I captured this image of a bright meteor, or fireball. I submitted the shot to a few local TV stations on Facebook and somehow, it got forwarded to a former employee of one of them, now working for Good Morning America in New York City. There was a brief mention on one of their broadcasts within the next couple of days. The local station also featured me in a science segment on their weekend broadcast, with additional information gathered about fireballs.

Also, in trying to find out more about what I had photographed, I contacted the American Meteor Organization, who in turn put me in contact with the International Meteor Organization. I eventually had my image featured on the cover of the December 2014 edition of their journal.